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Passenger Marshalling Unit Accessories

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Enhance the functionality and longevity of your Passenger Marshalling Units with our comprehensive range of accessories, tailored to meet every need of the aviation industry. From extended-length retractable belts that offer greater flexibility in passenger flow management, to durable spare wheels and jockey wheels that ensure mobility and ease of positioning, our accessories are designed to maximize the efficiency of your marshalling units. Incorporate our stainless steel locking shackles for secure attachment, and utilize the pam reel with handle for effortless extension and retraction of belts. Our fold-down handles and scutchen plates offer added convenience and adaptability, while our spring locks and break away devices provide additional safety features, ensuring your units are not only functional but also secure. Designed with the high demands of airport environments in mind, our accessories are built to enhance, adapt, and maintain your Passenger Marshalling Units, ensuring they remain an indispensable part of your crowd control and passenger guidance strategy.
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