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What you need to know:

Tensabarrier is the most exciting innovation in the field of pedestrian traffic guidance over the past sixteen years.

The patented Tensabarrier is a constant force-spring loaded webbing belt available either as a complete portable post or wall mounted unit providing an effective and attractive physical barrier that is quick to set up, fully retractable and easy to store.

Tensabarrier is now regularly specified by leading banks, theatres, hotels, restaurants, exhibition venues, and transportation facilities.

Any number of posts can be used to form a barrier of any length and configuration in order to ease and simplify pedestrian traffic flow.

Post Colours:

The sturdy, durable Atir Tensabarrier is delivered fully assembled and ready for use.

The powder coated hard wearing posts are available to match all Dulux/Taubman's powder coat colours or alternatively, four metal finishes in chrome, brushed chrome, brushed nickel and solid brass. Wood veneer is available on request.

Outdoor Colours:

Black and yellow diagonal stripes

Red and white diagonal stripes


The Ultra Violet stabilised PVC, zinc plated mild steel and powder coat post assembly finishes are specifically designed for outdoor use.

The rugged PVC base is designed to be filled with sand or water for post stability. Storage is made easy due to it's well designed two piece construction.